Friday, August 3, 2007

Fix what we already have - FIRST

Why is there still no integration here? It’s 2007 for blimey sake!

Can we please stop all the hype around the next ‘fad’ in tech and get what we already have WORKING please! Real world example from last weekend:

I went into an Apple store to DROP $3800 on an Apple Pro Notebook and Final Cut for my son, who's a budding Director. First ever Apple purchase experience here:

1. they did not have the machine in the store (fair enough)
2. they then tell me to go check out the other local stores (I told THEM to check for me)
3. they had to phone around the other stores (yes, phone)
4. they pulled up the apple site to order one (which showed a 3 week delivery)
5. they told me I could PHONE the store every day to see if any “came in” (by chance)
6. they told me they only get deliveries mon-fri and this was saturday
7. they had no clue when they would get the next Mac book pro delivery. (NO CLUE)
8. I told my son to call the store the very next morning (even though it was Sunday and there were no deliveries, I was skeptical)
9. Miraculously they had one in stock and we picked it up within the hour

20 very nice Apple sales people in the store and we, the consumer, in 2007 had to PHONE in to check every day!

This is a pretty easy problem to fix in 2007 but my guess is, the guys in charge of the software for this enterprise might be just a little too focused on their next EA strategy (hype) to be ready in the year 2020. By which time, I predict THIS particular problem still won’t be fixed anyway.

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