Monday, June 30, 2008

Virtualization - bursting the bubbles

Today apparently is the dawn of the end of XP. Microsoft no longer sells it from tomorrow.

If running your enterprise applications on Vista is giving you problems, you can always run them in a (win 2k or XP) Virtual Machine on Vista. The problem with that alone however, is that you would then have your enterprise applications running in a “Virtual bubble” and all you’d have integration wise is copy and paste (at best). Virtual bubbles are not good for inter-application communication. Not good at all.

Until now that is. OpenSpan can bridge XP and Vista environments and integrate the applications that run in each easily. Use OpenSpan to create a web service API to any of your desktop applications (including office) and from there, use OpenSpan to integrate these applications, across whatever virtual machine they run in, easily.

OpenSpan can even if you so desire, enable you to integrate Apple and Microsoft applications together using the same technique.  We have examples of Apple Mac machines directly integrating with Microsoft applications running in a virtual session on the same Mac. Pretty cool. I'll post some screen shots soon of all the above examples.

Virtualization – in my view – is game changing. And with OpenSpan… even more so.

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