Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Predictions - this year is easy to predict!

Some of my 2009 prediction are picked up here...

A Perfect Storm for Cloud Computing and other IT Weather Predictions for 2009

The truth is, and we all know it, 2009 will be about survival and cost savings. The number one factor we are already seeing is that if you cannot show a quick ROI, forget it. Whereas for the last 5 or 6 years, ROI has often funded new architecture changes (even when the ROI is unproven), in 2009 the must-have-identifiable savings will go to the bottom line to show shareholders you have costs under control. Businesses that do not spend quickly, when the spend will save money, will have their shareholders and employees to answer to.

I know this will sound biased but OpenSpan has consistently shown, that automating user desktops can reap savings in months. And large $ savings at that.

Enterprise desktops are awash with too many unintegrated applications bringing back the long forgotten integration phrase known as "Swivel Chair Syndrome"

If your in IT, grab a coffee or cup of tea and watch over the shoulder of one of your enterprise users. Tell me, they wouldn't benefit, BIG TIME from desktop automation?

2009 will be the year of desktop optimization and automation - this year, my 2009 prediction is easy!

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