Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Automation is key to an optimized work force

Without a doubt, many of our customers see significant benefits when they automate their end user tasks. Some customers have seen over $25m a year in time savings in their first automated solution rolled out to their users. This stands to reason though. Given the incredible manual steps needed to be undertaken by users to say, cancel a credit card, open a new account, initiate a wire transfer, open a new mortgage (the list goes on). Sometimes we see hundreds of manual steps across multiple applications and the user spends more time at the keyboard figuring out the next step than they do helping the customer get more from their organization.

Simple logic says, if you can automate these workflows, which for years have been mostly manual, the benefits are huge. Time saving, reduced training time, elimination of errors, happier customers, more up-sell opportunity and all the related "stuff".

But user applications up until now lack the ability to be automated. Even new web applications and portals lack the ability to take data out of or into other systems without heavy IT investment up front. Multiply that by the fact they are probably still running some mainframe, client server and java apps as well and it is easy to see why most users are manual users.

OpenSpan has really changed that. We have a vast number of users, now running automated workflows in large and small mission critical environments. Each day, I am constantly amazed by the types of use cases our users are using us for. There is now almost no limit to what end user tasks can be automated. Cool.

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Sam said...

I am a twenty year veteran of the business of data integration. I will not bore you with the details – but four successful integration focused software start-ups and deep expertise selling and delivering solutions for big data, semantic data, parallel data, meta data, data quality, MDM, CDI, ETL, etc., etc. - couple of stops with ‘Big Blue’ and HP – you get the picture. My point is it takes a lot to move my excitement meter in the integration space but OpenSpan has done it. I am convinced what you have is the ‘killer’ app. I believe you are and will continue to change the dynamics and economics of integration. It is exactly what is needed with the shifting roles, resource availability and changes in the development and business landscape. Keep up the great work.