Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it 2012 already?

After clocking up close to 150,000 flying miles in 2011, circumnavigating the globe many times over, I am excited to report that I intend to make much more of an effort to blog this year. OK, I know, I've said it before, but, there truly are so many awesome things happening at OpenSpan right now, I feel compelled to make a concerted effort to post.

First, if you didn't get to see these two great video's and animations we did in 2011, sit back and enjoy. We really did have a lot of fun making them ;

What does OpenSpan do is a great to-the-point artistic animation and after that, meet "Bob and Dave" with a feature commercial worthy of a 30 second slot at the Super Bowl :)

2012 is the year of Desktop Automation and Desktop Analytics. And what you are going to hear from me early on is why OpenSpan is the global leader, by a long stretch in this space. Not just from a positioning and customer size/base perspective but also from a technology perspective.

I will start to clearly explain, why OpenSpan is the best at what it does. We have some of the best technology minds here at OpenSpan working hard on delivering powerful technologies in some of the largest enterprises in the world, across all major industries. We are not just a global leader, we are THE global leader.... I'll be back shortly.. watch this space.

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