Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OpenSpan Record Revenue

Call Centers, Banks, Insurance, front office and back office, it's all the same to OpenSpan. It's what drove our record growth in 2011. It's what drives the $1.6bn (and growing) savings for our world-wide customers. Where there's a "bum" on a chair, staring at a screen and using a keyboard/mouse, there's manual work ripe for automation and huge cost savings to boot!

A computer? Manual work? How's that you ask? Think about it. How many times a day, does a contact center agent at the end of a call, go to a notes field and type in what they just did. Huh? It's a computer, surely the computers knows what it just did! Why should I pay for the time (15-60 seconds) it takes an agent - sometimes 1000's of agents - to type in what they just did. Think of the cost! 60 seconds a call, across a thousand agents, that's wasted "manual" effort of what, $9m in manual costs that you shouldn't have to bear? Money down the drain! And that's for just ONE manual task of the 1000's or even 10's of thousands of manual tasks your call center agents and back offices workers undertake, hour by hour, day by day every single year!

That's what's driving these organizations to Desktop Automation from OpenSpan. We are the world-leader with our robust in the extreme automation technology. We can automate processes and tasks quickly and not only cut the time it takes to do them, but eliminate the errors along the way as well.

So, just when you were thinking perhaps there was no way to speed up the time it takes your workers to complete their tasks or calls, think again. Desktop Automation is the way.

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Laura said...

Saving businesses money in the call center is great. Reducing the frustration for the human beings on both sides of that call, even better! OpenSpan should start a crusade called "Stop asking me for my phone number a hundred times!" I think they call that "customer service."