Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Call Center Executives

I was thinking to myself on New Years Eve (resting up after tearing a calf muscle doing Zumba earlier in the day!), what would be the best way to start my 2013 blog schedule. It had to be a traditional top 10 to go with the untraditional me (how many guys do YOU know who do Zumba?).

So, here we go, a traditional top 10 for the new year, with all the trimmings. Enjoy.

What are your goals for optimizing call center operations and impacting revenue for 2013? 

Consider these top 10 resolutions for world-class call center performance!

Stop measuring what you cannot fix - it's meaningless. Look to key insights from Desktop Analytics to drive change and impact your agents, customers and bottom-line
You are not just a cost center -- you are a revenue generation center; change your contact center this year through actionable data driven from Desktop Analytics
Focus on improving your agent's desktop environment -- your agents and your CSAT scores will thank you!
Be picky! Partner with only the best – see why over 300,000 agent desktops use OpenSpan over all other agent improvement options
Instigate the best new measure for agent standards from fact based, real time Desktop Analytics
Make introducing innovation a joint business and IT initiative
Understand why an Agile Agent Desktop strategy succeeds and a Unified Desktop strategy fails
See how Desktop Automation changes the way you think about agent desktops
Remember AWT (Average Wasted Time) is the new thing to "cut"
Investigate new technologies revolutionizing cost reduction in the Call Center

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