Friday, January 18, 2013

The Agile Desktop for Call Center Agents and Back Office workers

So, what is the Agile Agent Desktop?

Imagine you could design a car in a few hours? Sure you need the off-the-shelf "Body" and the "Engine" but after that, imagine if the rest was up to you. Want a digital fuel gauge or a old indicator style? You choose. Want really comfy seats, deck chair or tight sports leather? You choose. Want a wooden dash, brushed metallic, gold? You choose. Want a GPS system, Google Maps on a Tablet in the dash, iPad? You choose. Want a CD Player, USB drive, Bluetooth, LP's <lol>? You choose or have them all.

You get the idea, choose the car, the engine and the main body and the rest you can configure, and change as easily as using a smart phone with a few touch selections. OK, not possible yet is it? But for the desktop - your every day work dashboard - it IS now a reality!

Your workers and agents arrive at their desks every morning and are stuck pretty much with the same old apps, the same old complex work flows and the same old slow painful navigation across all those apps to get their job done. Not only is it pretty uninspiring, it is often incredibly inefficient (with so many apps). Agents have hundreds of options (and have to be trained on each of them) and dig around the screens to get their job done.

Enter the new AGILE desktop. Where you can take your existing desktop (your PC and the applications on it) and improve it quickly with dashboards, automation and helpful guidance and navigational tools that make your workers more productive - WAY more productive. As in the car, it doesn't change how the car works and doesn't risk you steering off into a lake in the middle of nowhere. The Agile desktop takes what you have, and just makes it better. It doesn't even have to do it all at once, you can change what you need to improve, as you need it. The same engine (applications) run underneath and there's no risk to transactions or business logic being missed or bypassed. The ROI of the OpenSpan Agile desktop customer base is typically 20% straight in the first year and closer to 30% for the back office workers. And it doesn't stop there. Our customers continue over years and years to use OpenSpan to improve the workforce as needs change. It's flexible, it's fast and it works.

The Agile Agent desktop for the Call Center Agents or the Agile Worker Desktop for the Backoffice workers just plain makes sense. Check it out, it's so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself :)

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