Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone is using OpenSpan like technology already!

You take it for granted when you click on a hyperlink and your browser is opened (if not already opened) and the page behind the link is displayed in that browser. Marvelous.

You also take it for granted when you click on an email address and your preferred email program composes a new blank message to the person on the link. Lovely.

Both of these actions (what OpenSpan calls automations) save you time and are very convenient (better than just select, copy, alt-tab, click, paste, enter keys, right?). And that's just two simple processes and two applications that are involved. But the time saved is massive over a day, week or year.

However most enterprise applications, or even newer cloud applications were never designed for any of this basic kind of intelligence. Users go, day in, day out,  learning and manually executing probably 100's of tasks across the multiple applications they have open. These manual steps should be unnecessary. The computer has all the knowledge and it's a computer it should know, right? It just hasn't been taught how the apps could work together.

If you could wave a wand over your applications to make it easier to automate the stuff they do, can you imagine the time and money the organization would save? OpenSpan customers have used OpenSpan for 1000's of use cases that do just that, and the time savings can be staggering. At first, so staggering as to be unbelievable, but not when you sit down and do the math on someones time over a year! Some customer user cases;

  • -- 55 clicks for an agent to run a specific task to deal with just one type of call - now just ONE click
  • -- $30m saved on the first project by cutting time out of caller verification step for every agent. More automation projects took this customer rapidly to over $100m saving - each and every year
  • -- 6x the number of back office transactions processed with the same number of people
  • -- 23 apps required to learn for a single process dropped to just 3 (the other 20 apps were hidden for simplicity once they were automated)
  • -- 6 hour new account signup process requiring many apps and department involvement - now 6 minutes
  • -- Sent an old DOS app to the server room. The functionality was automated and exposed as a web service
  • New Insurance quote, project for large insurance company cut quote times over the phone from 12 minutes to 10 minutes - and this saving was shown JUST during the POC stage (1 week).

And the list goes on. This is why the OpenSpan IDE is now free. We know, every company in the world, whether they have 10 users or 10,000 users, have a need for at least some automation to make their users more efficient and thus, save a lot of time and money for that organization. The next time you think an automation would be a nicety, cool or a necessity, think OpenSpan and give it a try, you've got nothing to lose :)