Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Activity Intelligence - the new weapon in measuring worker activity

Today, OpenSpan announces a significant new product that fills a missing void in the Call Center and Back Office worlds (in fact, for any computer user across the entire Enterprise). Sure, both of these worlds are full of highly successful (and many not so), detailed analytics on what your users are doing and how their work is going. Speech Analytics, Voice Recordings, Screen Recordings, activity reports, transaction analysis etc., - all deliver value to varying degrees.

However, when it really comes to knowing what your workers are doing deep down, technology has been lacking. Within every enterprise, there are many types of desktop applications being used to get work done and workers can go in potentially hundreds of directions through these applications to do so. Employee cost is where you spend most of your budget and yet you don't know what workers are really doing, how they interact with these applications, why some people are better than others, what is the REAL gold standard, which all should be striving. It has just been too hard to collect this level of granularity - and yet, if you had it, this level of detail would change how you manage and optimize your work force.

With OpenSpans new technology, Activity Intelligence, we have now closed the loop on this missing and significant piece of insight to date. Not to be confused with other technologies like Desktop Analytics, Activity Intelligence changes the way we capture the granular level of detail of activity and it does so, with very little configuration on the part of our customers.

Activity Intelligence is deployed through a highly secure SaaS model, taking care of virtually all of the infrastructure required to deliver the collection, intelligent analysis and reporting capabilities. With a simple lightweight run time on every users desk, with little to no configuration, OpenSpan's Activity Intelligence collects virtually all activity from each users desktop, masking out secure and sensitive data for compliance purposes on the way. Once we've collected this "activity" of your workers interactions across all of their applications, then the core part of OpenSpan's product kicks in. This is the powerful analysis and pattern matching Intelligence we've built to identify unique workflows across your organization. Once we've identified a pattern, say as an "address change" process, we can then find all other users who perform address changes, and then compare how they complete them from an efficiency standpoint. Other examples could detect identifying a wire transfer pattern initiated by a bank teller, a mortgage verification process completed by a back office worker or the booking of a customer call-out from a contact center agent.

Whatever the patterns we find, identifying unique processes, we can then drill into the detailed make-up of of those processes, across continents, or work-groups, and compare them with each other, to a defined gold standard or to agreed performance levels.

Finally, with Activity Intelligence, all levels of management can obtain a near real-time view of the activity of the core of their productivity workers across the entire enterprise. Whether you are interested in monitoring compliance activity, boosting performance or using it as feedback to your process optimization groups, Activity Intelligence will set the bar for how worker productivity is measured in future.