Monday, February 13, 2012

OpenSpan Global Presence

Well, I racked up more air miles last year than I care to think and I've now just returned from another 2 week tour of the Middle East and Asia. Phew, what time zone and I am now?

I am very lucky though. I get to see our customers, prospects and partners first hand and nothing pleases me more than the close interactions we have them all. When a customer tells you, "this is how you've helped us" or "this is how much we saved using OpenSpan", it's priceless. When a partner takes you on a tour of some of the largest and advanced call centers in the world, you are enlightened. I've always loved presenting and demonstrating OpenSpan. Why? Well, it's because it's so visual and so obvious in the first 5 minutes what we can do to help, we quickly move from demonstration to POC in a matter of weeks. I love it. And then those prospects become the next set of successful customers for my next trip so we can share even more insights together.

I know this all sounds like 101 in the life cycle of a software vendor and I suppose it is. BUT, as we announced our 2011 achievements last month, the number of wins and customer successes is growing exponentially, it is no wonder then, I enjoy what I do, circumnavigating the globe virtually every other month, seeing this success, first hand. Love it.