Monday, May 20, 2013

Webinar for anyone that cares about Call Center efficiency!

The latest ContactBabel US Contact Center Decisions Maker’s Guide is out and includes data from more than 200 contact center leaders across the US.

OpenSpan is a platinum sponsor of this really informative report, and Steve Morrell from ContactBabel and I are co-hosting an enlightening webinar about the agent desktop and the strategic role it plays in today’s contact centers. 

During this lively session, Steve and I (a fellow Brit) will discuss the findings from this year’s report – what are the hottest trends, where is contact center management struggling and how are companies dealing with specific issues, to name a few.

In response to Steve’s portion of the session, I’ll dive into OpenSpan’s core capabilities and how we are helping companies across the globe impact their contact center operations by driving agent performance and improving the customer experience. Why are we still forcing agents to perform time-consuming manual processes that the COMPUTER can do more easily? How can our contact center implement a 360 customer view without heavy lifting from an IT perspective, or costly integration consulting price tags?

These are some of the questions we will answer during this webinar – and I hope you’ll be there to participate.   Tell your neighbors and friends and I look forward to seeing you there.