Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OpenSpan Record Revenue

Call Centers, Banks, Insurance, front office and back office, it's all the same to OpenSpan. It's what drove our record growth in 2011. It's what drives the $1.6bn (and growing) savings for our world-wide customers. Where there's a "bum" on a chair, staring at a screen and using a keyboard/mouse, there's manual work ripe for automation and huge cost savings to boot!

A computer? Manual work? How's that you ask? Think about it. How many times a day, does a contact center agent at the end of a call, go to a notes field and type in what they just did. Huh? It's a computer, surely the computers knows what it just did! Why should I pay for the time (15-60 seconds) it takes an agent - sometimes 1000's of agents - to type in what they just did. Think of the cost! 60 seconds a call, across a thousand agents, that's wasted "manual" effort of what, $9m in manual costs that you shouldn't have to bear? Money down the drain! And that's for just ONE manual task of the 1000's or even 10's of thousands of manual tasks your call center agents and back offices workers undertake, hour by hour, day by day every single year!

That's what's driving these organizations to Desktop Automation from OpenSpan. We are the world-leader with our robust in the extreme automation technology. We can automate processes and tasks quickly and not only cut the time it takes to do them, but eliminate the errors along the way as well.

So, just when you were thinking perhaps there was no way to speed up the time it takes your workers to complete their tasks or calls, think again. Desktop Automation is the way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Contact Centers lead Desktop Automation drive

OpenSpan is the worlds leading provider of Desktop Automation software. Primarily and originally built for innovative contact centers who seek to improve agent performance, OpenSpan today is now leading the charge in back office desktop automation as well.

There are a few other players in this space and we think they just play at automation anyway. In fact, I look forward to the day when we could all be on a panel and pitch our technologies against one and other.  Head to head. Now there's a challenge I'm laying down! For now, I'll take the 100's of OpenSpan wins as a credit to those real head to head situations :)

You see, where other companies claim to do desktop automation, OpenSpan really does do it. Our technology runs inside the applications that actually run on the desktop and can automate virtually anything a user can do with the application. OpenSpan can monitor (Desktop Analytics) and control (Desktop Automation) applications without source code and no change to any business logic. And, it can all be done from a single visual desktop designer! The competitors will have you believe this is what they do as well. However, what they actually do, is sit on top of the applications, and only the simple ones at that, and try to determine whats going on. Not by getting inside them as OpenSpan does but by effectively screen scraping. This limits what they can do, to simple field to field copy with little to no full blown robust automation.

In fact, the OpenSpan technology is so powerful in the way it interacts with your live applications, it can, in real-time, control that application's user interface (UI) in the same way the originally programmer of that application could! Securely and robustly. In effect, not only can OpenSpan determine what tasks a user is doing, we can automate the entire process as well.

So, when you have decided that the huge reduction in call times and task times is something your company needs, take a look at the competitors first. It won't take long and we'll show you why, when we do go head to head with these companies, OpenSpan's technology is superior and more advanced for many many reasons.



Friday, January 13, 2012

Google Analytics v Desktop Analytics

Google Analytics is not new to most people but desktop analytics probably is. So what's the difference? If I were to try and use the least words (hard for me) to summarize the difference it would go like this;

"Google Analytics monitors visitor activity of enterprise web sites across the internet" whereas "Desktop Analytics monitors enterprise users activty of any application (web, windows, java, mainframe etc.,) on any enterprise desktop anywhere in the network"

Google defines it as;

Google Analytics shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. 

OpenSpan defines it as;

OpenSpan Desktop Analytics™ captures user activity at the desktop to reveal how users interact with their desktop applications, and provides you with tools for measuring and reporting on user processes. OpenSpan Desktop Analytics gives you an unprecedented level of visibility and insight about how users work and how processes can be improved for greater productivity.

Both products run a piece of their technology on the desktop to capture the user activity. Google requires you to insert Google Tracking Javascript code that gets loaded when a page loads. The visitor activity is then tracked and sent to the Google database servers to allow you run reports on it. There are even 3rd party analytics applications that you can use to report the data in different ways. OpenSpan Desktop Analytics™  runs a small program on your enterprise desktop that captures end user desktop application activity and sends the data to an enterprise database. Out of the box reports, or any 3rd party reporting tool can be applied to this data to provide businesses with a 360 degree view of user desktop activity

Whilst we all recognize how important products like Google analytics are to our business to track what our visitors are doing on our external web sites,  it has been virtually impossible to analyze what our own users are doing on their individual desktops. Yet people are often the biggest cost to the enterprise! You might at this point be thinking - "big brother"! On the contrary, you might already know your 1000 seat contact center agents are handling calls on average in 6 minutes. You might know your  insurance back office is able to process 1000 claims an hour, or financial center can approve 875 mortgages a day. However, do you know why some of your users are faster than others? Are all users following the right procedures (compliance)? Are your agents using the right applications at the right time? Why is one branch generating more after work than another? Are you users running applications they shouldn't? Sitting idle too long? Need more training?

Very few of these questions could be answered before desktop analytics. Visibility to what your core task workers and call center agents are doing has been limited in the past to manual time and motion studies. 

If you haven't seen it before, check out OpenSpan Desktop Analytics and start figuring out, at last, exactly what goes on in your department or business.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is it 2012 already?

After clocking up close to 150,000 flying miles in 2011, circumnavigating the globe many times over, I am excited to report that I intend to make much more of an effort to blog this year. OK, I know, I've said it before, but, there truly are so many awesome things happening at OpenSpan right now, I feel compelled to make a concerted effort to post.

First, if you didn't get to see these two great video's and animations we did in 2011, sit back and enjoy. We really did have a lot of fun making them ;

What does OpenSpan do is a great to-the-point artistic animation and after that, meet "Bob and Dave" with a feature commercial worthy of a 30 second slot at the Super Bowl :)

2012 is the year of Desktop Automation and Desktop Analytics. And what you are going to hear from me early on is why OpenSpan is the global leader, by a long stretch in this space. Not just from a positioning and customer size/base perspective but also from a technology perspective.

I will start to clearly explain, why OpenSpan is the best at what it does. We have some of the best technology minds here at OpenSpan working hard on delivering powerful technologies in some of the largest enterprises in the world, across all major industries. We are not just a global leader, we are THE global leader.... I'll be back shortly.. watch this space.